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Shooting, Death & Smile 射击、死亡与微笑

From the artist's personal family photo album, I have re-examined the images of my childhood to summarize a universal phenomenon: the high frequency of model guns and shooting behaviors has made me interested in this phenomenon, and I have taken this opportunity to retrace my personal memories and analyze the origin and development of this phenomenon around the key words "gun", "violence" and "shooting", thus posing the question: Is the propensity for violence shaped by mass media image imitation deeply embedded in people's behavior as children? And I hypothesize that this desire for violence does not disappear as we grow up, but that it is transferred in many ways (e.g. violent video games and films), taking on a non-explicit state, i.e. a repression of violence. With this in mind, I set out to create a 'crime scene' by combining the visual representation of a 'ballistic' scene investigation, which closes the gap between the childhood shooting and the death of a violent figure, in order to reveal the possibility of this repression of violence.

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